A Far Cry

One year, Two years, Three years…..Six years
How do you feel when someone waits for you for so many years?
How do you feel when someone knows everything about you?
How do you feel when someone spends her teenage with your name?
How do you feel when she waits her life…?
For a smile from you…
Suddenly life travels backwards …
To feel those ignored smiles…
To see those pains in one’s eyes
Fairytales are not fairytales
How do you feel when an angel touches you?
Everything becomes blurred only a face exists then!!!
The maze of life fades away
And a joy of belongingness settles down!!!
Surprises and miracles was a distant dream
But how do you feel when they suddenly strike your door?
Those unnoticed gaze and those stolen kisses regenerates…
When those dried flowers of someone’s diary touches your heart
How do you feel when someone finds her lost love in you?
Is it a far cry or an unheard cry within you…I still wonder?


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    You're asking 'how' while you're doing very well so ...

    (French reader)

  2. Hey hi, how are you? Wonderful interpretation dear. Keep reading my french reader. It feels great to have you here :)