Tonight I want to inscribe....

Clouds of words has gathered in the sky
How can I make it alive….?
My thoughts beckon me to write
To create a world for those unrecognized desires
I m clueless of this new world
Poetry wants to arrive…
So my words needs that inspiration,
To dash onto form this new world
A world of fantastic beings
An abode for the nomad souls.
An unsullied world with no wretchedness
An enchanted land for the creators
A world of eternal expressions…
Beautiful landscapes of smile
Houseboats of dreams…
Flowery valleys of love,
Those songs of nightingales
Harmony all-around…oh my words!
Will they succeed to beckon you..?
Still my words need you...
‘Cause my world is new.
Your journey begins now…
To this beautiful land of words
Where the sky is black and the land is white...
Where rivers fly and the wind flow…
Castles of thoughts…and emotional gates
Waits for you…moon sings here and the stars dance
It’s a new world…..where you will find me
Smiling and appreciating its beauty….
Hope this smile comes from you too
Welcome to this new world yet again…


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I evntually found the place ... following some wordy cloud ...
    Quite a pleasant journey: I'll come again to read on!

    (French reader)

  2. Thanks French Butt/Reader :)

    Keep visiting my space. You are always welcome :)

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Would much appreciate you called me 'BUT' something else !

    (French reader)

    ps: I'll take time to read your poems and will leave comments, should I have any and shouldn't you mind me having any ?

  4. hey i like ur world.though its dark sky out there,but seems inviting me.

  5. There is always very beautiful imagery in your world of words....what i like is that if that world has darkness there is hope too...if it is black then there is white that all colours merge in it...its beautiful...