A Song of Darkness

Dark melodies of solitude
downhearted soloist
Is singing for his life
He is longing for that rainbow lane
A lane of the smile
A lane of wonderful things
A picture perfect existence
Among the loving souls
Where is that first light?
He is playing that sad refrain again
Where are those carousing?
Where are those sweet things?
Where is that poet of happiness?
Is he no more left?
Long lost happy emotions
Are creating pain
In this pour out life
No thoughts of glee
No funny occurrence
Shadows everywhere
No lighthouse of hope
Why he is again singing that tune
Is he sane now?
Why those glasses of hemlock
Is again in my hand
Am I sane?
Or a foolish babbler
Just sometimes confuses me
still, I want to write
Just for the soloist
who sings the song of darkness!


  1. see....though you don't find anything around you becoming correct but we have to do what we are doing......nothing becomes a success with the first step you take.....but we have to walk the path....till the end......

    though i'm not into poem but since the day i have joined indiblogger.....i have reading them and am enjoying them a lot.......

  2. hey i m reading this 5 yrs after u had written dis.and i can recollect that same was the situation wid me at that time,dec2006.i wish i had read it at the time of its creation.but ya there is always a time which is the rite time.i guess for me today was the rite time

  3. There will always be craving for picture perfect existence, long lost happy emotions that creates pain, the attachment to them never ends....the world can describe even a sane as an insane.....a nice song of darkness....