Orkut Is Under Construction. Plz Check Back Soon

Friday 29 December, 2006...11 o' clock

Today Mr A is sad, he is no more smiling but gazing at the computer screen that says Orkut is under maintenance. Every morning Mr A follows a ritual of checking his Orkut account. He is addicted to it. He loves to send scraps and add new friends. He keeps counting the number of friends in his list but today he is unable to see his account. He is urgently calling his friends and asking all childish questions. He then searches for his lost friends in Google, Yahoo messenger in sheer desperation. He is afraid of losing all his contacts. He even tries to visit Gazzag in order to get some of his friends back but misses Orkut badly. He is unable to get that Orkut experience. Well, this is not only Mr. A’s story. Everyone is missing an important piece of their life today and I am not an exception. Let’s hope Orkut fixes up the problem soon. We can’t imagine a day without its glimpse.

Get well soon…Orkut!

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