My New Year Resolutions

Again a New year!!!
It's time for some really serious resolutions. Well I have a list:

1)  Organize my considerable movie and book collections and put up a sign like 'do not ask to borrow'.

2) I will clean my oh-so dirty looking laptop every Sunday.

3) Learn how to cook or keep a (Kanta Bahen)....but not eat junk.

4) I will go to college at least three days a week.

5) I will try to be serious with my girlfriend.

6) Quit smoking...believe me it's injurious to health.

7) Remember B'days of my buddies.

8) Smile always.

9) Call dad once in a week to say how much I love him.

10) Give this new year a brand new start...believe me I will do it.


  1. so did you really follow?

  2. Did you ever followed any of these even once...??