Lonely lane

A name in my heart…
A torture unbearable
A phase where nothing seems mine
So is my tale, a tale of that lonely lane.
Silent streets, hazy nights, a whisper of agony
That’s where I dwell
Where I and my feelings mingle
Unrecognized woe makes me insane.

Am I so cursed or I m escaping sanity?
Long vanished memories touch my face
And strokes me gently to say where is that real You..
I just smile with my memoirs
And tell them that they are too beautiful.

The windows of my room are clogged now
As my heart hates those tides of wind.
When I look at myself, I see those concealed tears
My abandoned eyes are bored of that monotony
My post box seems vacant
What is the date today …I wonder.
The streets seems so bare
Where is the watchman?

Where am I?

Am I lost …..?In this big dirt?
Even my outline seems not mine
Am I actually walking in this lonely lane,
Or am I escaping involuntarily?


  1. it happens when u close ur eyes while walking on the road of life....well all u need to do is open your eyes and see the life around.afteral its not so lonely out there and neither u r cursed...

  2. loneliness comes merge with a packet of life.....even if you stay amidst the world, loneliness will chase you...sometimes even the heart gets clogged...the baggage of dirt becomes so heavy to carry...n its so hard to find oneself almost lost......silence n concealed tears becomes your companion...but no one is cursed in life...blessings are stronger than any curse...that's the power...